SWQ Coach & Manager Application

SWQ Touch Association is calling for applications for coaches and managers of our teams competing at next year’s NTL. For those interested in applying, would you please complete the application form listed below and return it to me by Friday, 14/11/14. The appointment details will be posted on our website the following week.

SWQ – 2015 NTL Coach & Manager Application

SWQ Player Registration Process

Players wishing to be considered for selection in one or more of the following divisions MUST also register their interest by Friday, 14/11/14, via email to swqtouch@bigpond.com:         

  • Division                                Age Requirements
  • Open Mixed                           No restriction
  • Men’s T League                     Born in or after 1995
  • Women’s T League               Born in or after 1995
  • Women’s 27’s                        Born in or before 1988
  • Men’s 30’s                              Born in or before 1985
  • Senior Mixed                         Born in or before 1985
  • Women’s 35’s                        Born in or before 1980
  • Men’s 40’s                              Born in or before 1975
  • Women’s 40’s                        Born in or before 1975
  • Men’s 45’s                              Born in or before 1970
  • Men’s 50’s                              Born in or before 1965
  • Men’s 55’s                              Born in or before 1960

When registering, please include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Current affiliate – e.g. Toowoomba, Dalby, Ipswich, etc.
  • Selection division/s

SWQ Touch will decide, based on the number of registrations received at the close of business on 14/11/14, which divisions proceed to a muster and when / where that muster will be held. Players who register for a division that does not proceed will have the opportunity to nominate for the Player Pool – if there is still one in place for this event. NB. Players who haven’t registered for selection will not be granted a release if they nominate for the Player Pool.

For further information, please contact Michael McSweeney on 0417 419 837 or by email at swqtouch@bigpond.com.