Please find listed below some information about the Swans Junior Cup:

Field Map

Field Map – 2016 Swans Junior Cup


You will see in the attached field map that there is a gate in Ruthven Street (between fields 10 and 15) which is only to be used to drop off your tents. Once the tents have been dropped off, the vehicle is to be removed from that area. For safety reasons, this gate will not be accessible after 8am. NB. Tents are only to be placed in the areas marked on the map. Council has marked (in blue) the locations of the water pipe and electricity cables so please DO NOT put your tent pegs anywhere near those markings.

Car Park / Shuttle Bus

The car park at the Toowoomba Touch fields will not hold all of the vehicles so a 2nd car park has been set up at Freyling Park which is situated on the corner of Ruthven & Nelson Streets. Freyling Park is approximately 700 metres south of the touch fields and it will comfortably cater for the remaining vehicles. Access to this area is via Nelson Street, i.e. about 20 metres from the Ruthven / Nelson Streets intersection.

A number of volunteers from a local Scouts group will manage the parking at this area to ensure the safe flow of traffic into and out of the park. A shuttle bus will be available to drop patrons down to the touch fields in the morning and back to Freyling Park at the conclusion of the event. For safety reasons, we recommend you use the shuttle bus rather than crossing Ruthven Street.

Aerial Map – Toowoomba Touch Fields to Freyling Park

Illegal Parking

The police will no doubt be keeping an eye on vehicles that are parked illegally around the Kearney’s Spring complex so please advise your members to only park in designated parking areas. As previously mentioned, the 2 car parks that are available will comfortably hold all vehicles.


Referees are requested to go straight to the referees tent when they arrive on Sunday morning and make themselves known to Greg Taylor and Helen del Castillo who are doing the allocations. With the 1st round of games commencing at 8.30am, it would be appreciated if the referees could be there before 8am as this will greatly assist Greg and Helen with the allocation process. Each referee will be provided with an $8 food and drink voucher which can only be used at the canteen. The referees will be required to complete a bank account details form and hand it in to Greg or Helen. Payment will be processed into the nominated account by Thursday (28th).

Conditions of Entry

Please note that a change has been made to the Conditions of Entry in relation to Item 4. Managers Meeting and Item 15. Game Duration.

Managers Meeting – due to time constraints, there will be no managers meeting so the following document contains information that would normally be mentioned at that meeting.

Managers Meeting

Game Duration – due to the number of teams that have nominated this year (132), the games will now be 12 minutes each way with a 2 minute half-time break.