We’re excited to announce Regional coaching appointments for National Touch League, National Youth Championships and Junior State Championships in 2018. Our regional representative teams are in good hands this year, with a healthy mix of experience and youth in our positions. If you are interested in filling one of the vacancies please email us.

Men’s T League  Women’s T League
Coach:   Chris Bartlett Coach:  Meghan Ballon
Assistant Coach: Greg Lisle Assistant Coach:  Shenae Ceisolka
Manager: Geoff Ryan Manager:  Jasmine Naumann
____________________ ____________________
Mixed Open Men’s 30s
Coach: Bailey Garcha Coach: Haydan Seymour
Manager: Savannah Ranford Manager: Peter Marsh
 ____________________  ____________________
Men’s 40s Women’s 40s
Coach: Kevin Flett Coach: Josh Leisemann
Assistant Coach: Assistant Coach: Kellie Ryan
Manager: Bailey Garcha Manager: Melita Creedy
 ____________________  ____________________
U18 Boys – NYC U18 Girls – NYC
Coach: Chris Bartlett Coach: Brenda Rackemann
Assistant Coach: Neil Ward Assistant Coach: Meghan Ballon
Manager: Meryl Eddie Manager: Chrissy Bartlett
 ____________________  ____________________
U16 Boys – JSCH U16 Girls – JSCH
Coach: Bailey Garcha Coach: Brenda Rackemann
Assistant Coach: Jake Hooper Assistant Coach: Chrissy Bartlett
Manager: Meryl Eddie Manager: Lorelle Sankey
 ____________________  ____________________
U14 Boys – JSCH U14 Girls
Coach: Abbie Prendergast Coach: Georgina Rackemann
Assistant Coach: Tammy Banks Assistant Coach: Elly Ashurst
Manager: Mark Delaney Manager: Nicole Ashurst
 ____________________  ____________________
U12 Boys – JSCH U12 Girls – JSCH
Coach: Darryl Fry Coach: Peter Naumann
Assistant Coach: Josh Mostyn Assistant Coach: Natalie Leicht
Manager: Theressa Madden Manager: Jasmine Naumann