As always, parking will be at a premium on Sunday 23 April at the Kearney’s Spring Sports Complex. There will be a shuttle bus running from Freying Park, cnr Ruthven and Nelson Streets from 7:15am all day, for your convenience. Freyling park has ample parking to accommodate the parents and supporters of our amazing 147 teams attending – please use it.
Please DO NOT park in the bus zone or disabled parks unless you have a permit! Note that parking on the footpath along Ruthven Street is illegal – fines may apply.

Field Map
The map shows all amenities available at Kearney’s Spring for the day. When putting up tents in designated areas please note that the thin white line markings indicate underground water and electrical services – DON’T hammer anything into the ground near these marks! Tents in non-designated areas are not permitted. You will see in the attached field map that there is a gate in Ruthven Street (between fields 10 and 16) which is only to be used to drop off your tents. Once the tents have been dropped off, the vehicle is to be removed from that area. For safety reasons, this gate will not be accessible after 8am.

Please note that the U10 fields (16-21) and Fields 13, 14 and 15 are not visibly numbered. If you need help to find your field ask!

Download the Field Map – 2017 Swans Junior Cup


There will be two medical officers available. If you require strapping please bring your own tape. Costs will apply if you need the medical officers to provide tape.


Information for Referees has been emailed to Affiliate contacts to pass on. Please make sure you are registered online to the Swans Junior Cup event (link on this page). Check in with Brendan at the Referees tent at 7:30am

Conditions of Entry

Please note that a change has been made to the Conditions of Entry in relation to Item 15. Game Duration.

Game Duration – due to the number of teams that have nominated this year (147), the games will now be 20 minutes straight, one way. Drop off rules will apply to QFs, Semis and Finals only (not playoffs).