Congratulations to the following girls on being selected to play for the SWQ Swans at this year’s National Youth Champs in Kawana:

(Listed in no particular order)

Chloe Watt; Nat Webster; Annika Darlington; Gabby Bartlett;
Hannah Hegedus; Annabelle Ronnfeldt; Zoe Webster; Emily
Ward; Zoe McLoughlin; Paige Leicht, Keely Mauch; Nat
Gleeson; Ella Cooper; Summer Kirtley; Chloe Smith

Shadows: Felicity Howse; Jada Ferguson; Ella McCarthy; Paige Edwards 

The 1st training run for this team will be held at the Toowoomba Touch fields this Sunday (7 Aug) from 10am to 12pm. 

NB. The shadow players are invited to attend all training sessions.