SWQ Touch would like to congratulate the following players on being selected to represent the Swans at this year’s State Champs:

Open Women 

     (Listed in no particular order)

     Chloe Watt; Georgina Rackemann; Clare Giarola; Chloe
     Campbell; Olivia Goodsell; Abbie Prendergast; Elly Ashurst;
     Maddi McCarthy; Lauren Potter; Laura Gleeson; Kiara Taylor;
     Demi Hayes; Ash Kearney; Hannah Hegedus; Britt Brown 

Coach: Tammy Kavney

Women’s 20s 

     (Listed in no particular order)

     Nat Webster; Zoe Webster; Phoebe Cuskelly; Libby Ernst;
     Annika Darlington; Natalie Gleeson; Kristy Reynolds;
     Courtney Crick; Alice Rathie; Shae-Lee Campbell; Keely
     Mauch; Emily Coyne; Chloe Giddins; Chloe Crick 

Coach: Brenda Rackemann 

It would be appreciated if all of the above players could contact Michael McSweeney of SWQ Touch via email at swqtouch@bigpond.com to confirm whether you are going to accept your position in the team.