Recognition of prior learning

Touch Football Australia (TFA) has officially launched ‘The Nest’ – the home of all Sport Education for Touch Football.

As part of this process TFA requires all members who have previously completed Sport Education courses to complete their ‘Sport Education Profile’ via Recognition of Prior Learning and Recognition of Current Competency (RPL/RCC) surveys so that TFA can implement strategies to continue to grow and develop the sport at the grassroots level, right through to national teams.

The RPL/RCC surveys are free to complete. You will be asked a series of questions about your accreditation,  and on completion of the short survey you will be asked to either upload a copy of your old certificate or download and complete a TFA Code of Ethics form, available here.

  • please only complete one (the highest) RPL/RCC module per type of accreditation (ie if you are a L3 Referee, complete the Level 3 RPL/RCC only).
  • Answer each question to the best of your ability; don’t stress if you can’t remember all details regarding your course or previous accreditation
  • All SWQ Course accreditation data is available on the SWQ website
    • Courses > Accreditation Records > Coach/ Referee > click on the year you completed your course > find your accreditation record.

To add your accreditation to the Nest:

  1. Create an account:
  2. Select the RPL/RCC module from the Training Library
  3. To begin the RPL/RCC survey and to upload your old certificate or completed Code of Ethics form please click on the ‘Take Assessment’ button.
  4. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. Refer to the accreditation records on the SWQ website if needed. Example – Level 1 Referee – RPL
    • Question 1 – What date did you attend the course?
    • Question 2 – Where was your course held?
    • Question 3 – Who was your course presenter?
    • Question 4 – What was your certificate number?
    • Question 5 – Once you have completed the RPL/RCC Survey please upload a copy of your old Sport Education certificate or your complete RPL/RCC Code of Ethics Agreement.

5.  You will receive an email once TFA has approved your RPL/RCC.

Please contact Sam at the SWQ office if you require further information or need a hand completing the RPL/RCC process:, 0417 419 837