Titans Junior Club Challenge

The Titans Junior Club Challenge is open to Junior Club teams from across Queensland, providing opportunities for all junior players to experience and develop through participation in the sport under tournament conditions, experiences which are usually reserved for affiliate or school based representative levels. This is a Foundation Level event, the focus being development and participation, as opposed to competition and winning.

The Titans Junior Club Challenge event will give participants and coaches the chance to pack in 4 to 5 weeks of competition Touch into a one day event and against a variety of oppositions.  It also gives clubs the chance to come together as a club in a one day tournament format.

The event also provides an opportunity for regional coaches and Referees to provide Referee and Coach coaching to our Affiliates and Clubs, in a tournament setting.

Clubs participating in Junior competitions in Affiliates with over 30 Club teams are invited to enter as teams, Affiliates with under 30 teams may enter an affiliate representative team if desired.