From committee members to sideline marshals and everything between, volunteers are the lifeblood of our sport and are essential to local touch football organisations across the region.

​There are many different ways that you can volunteer to help, and it can be done in just a few short (and fun) hours! If you’ve got an hour to spare, consider putting your hand up to volunteer to help your local association.

How can I volunteer?

  • There are several ways that you can get involved as a volunteer, but here’s just a few:
  • Coach or manage a team
  • Referee
  • Join your club’s committee
  • Coordinate or assist with taking registrations and payments
  • Coordinate or assist with the club’s uniforms
  • Coordinate or assist with your club’s social functions
  • Run your club’s social and digital media (i.e. Facebook page, website, etc.)
  • and many more…

Are you a student or recent graduate looking for experience, help out your club and gather invaluable experience in your field.

  • Journalism, Media or Public Relations: Ask the committee if you could assist by providing media releases to local news outlets, generate content plans and write content.
  • Photography: Become the club’s official photographer at tournaments, events and competitions. Work with media to promote your work.
  • Graphic Design: Assist in generating posters and social media content.
  • Coaching or Officiating: Learn transferable skills by being mentored by the current coach and referees in your area.
  • Sport Medicine: Work closely with the coach for encouraging fitness helping the coach focus on the skill or the team.
  • Finance Study: Assist the treasurer in their reporting aspects as well as learning hands on accounting skills.
  • Physiotherapy, Massage or Strapping: Event day support of the players, or even touring with the teams (pending qualification).